Complex Business Disputes

I handle certain business disputes where the dispute directly impacts a business’s profitability and reputation.  These business disputes can involve breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, misleading advertising, tortious interference, breach of contract, breach of a non-solicitation or non-competition agreement, defamation, negligence, whistleblower  and matters under the False Claims Act, breaches of commercial leases, and unfair competition and trade practices including those dealing with trade secrets and under Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.   These disputes can include lost profit damages and, in certain instances, injunctive relief.  

I thoroughly analyze the facts of each business dispute to develop the most cost effective and efficient strategy, with arguments carefully crafted under the law, based on the dynamics of the dispute and the objectives of the client.  I do this by taking advantage of and leveraging technology, working with the client to bring in the right expert on the frontend, and, in certain instances, utilizing an e-discovery vendor to streamline electronic discovery costs.

I understand the importance of providing value to a client measured by a lawyer’s advice, suggestions, and performance.  For this reason, my model allows me to explore innovative attorney’s fee arrangements based on the dynamics of a dispute or issue outside of the traditional hourly billing model.  

While I maintain a competitive hourly rate and work with clients in preparing budgets and controlling costs, I also work with clients on innovative attorney’s fees arrangements where the focus is performance, the result, and the client’s budgetary concerns.    An innovative fee arrangement is catered to the client’s specific objectives.  I am willing to present alternative options to a client for consideration and discussion to determine if a compatible innovative fee arrangement can be established that adds value to a client.   Let me represent your business interests and provide you a value-added solution to your claim or problem!

If you are interested in learning more about innovative attorney's fee arrangements outside of the traditional hourly billing model, check out my ebook on this subject.